Cat Feeding Mat
Cat Feeding Mat
Cat Feeding Mat
Cat Feeding Mat

Cat Feeding Mat

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Customized Cat Mat! Minimize mess when it’s chow-time for your furry family. Add a personal touch to her/his mat — add up to nine characters to a plush Aposentis fish shape mat for a unique yet unmistakably Aposentis look.

At the checkout write an order note with her/his name or just contact us! Add your Cat name on it! 

Available in 3 Sizes.
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Complement your home with our luxury cat accessories. Opulent and sophisticated, just like your cat(s)! 

.: Shipped from USA

With a non-slip bottom design to keep it in place for even the most active of eaters and a foam-filled material that’s highly absorbent, these mats are bliss for any pet parent.

  Fish shape (19" × 14")
Width, in 19.00
Height, in 14.00


Mix & match + Take it everywhere.
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Our beds feature dismountable headboards and lightweight designs. So, you can easily dismantle the frame and slot it into luggage for each trip, wherever you go.  

handmade to specification

Suit your Pet's size and Style choice. 

Aposentis are handcrafted to perfection, featuring exclusive materials such as limited vintage fabrics, Swarovski crystals, and even Monograms.

We’ll work with you to make all your dreams come true.

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We use fabrics from renowned brands using the finest materials from Italy and other EU countries.

We also design and craft every bed within just one to two weeks. That’s no time at all to receive a luxury cat bed to last a lifetime.

We spend time selecting and sourcing our materials because we believe that our pets deserve the very best, and that includes enjoying the same comfort we do

It’s all about you. And it’s about them

There are three big reasons to choose our luxury dog beds. Or cat beds. They can be used for any type of pet. And that’s reason number one.

You can make all the important decisions, with our help. From limited vintage fabrics to made-to-order sizes and designs, everything is selected and crafted by hand. So, your pet bed is truly, genuinely, unique.