Handmade with Love

If you’re looking for a bespoke, luxury dog or cat bed, you’re in the right place.
Mix & match + Take it everywhere +& they're easy to store.
Luxury pet beds that can travel with you

Bespoke, beautiful, and convenient. Our luxury cat beds and dog beds are made to enhance your home and your life.

As cat owners, we know how important it is for our pets to feel happy and comfortable. Whether you’re at home or travelling. That’s why we make our beds differently.

Our beds feature dismountable headboards and lightweight designs. So, you can easily dismantle the frame and slot it into luggage for each trip, wherever you go.  

Making premium handmade furniture to order.

Pride and Grateful to be in this business. Every piece that we construct is a labour of love and handled by each and every member of our family (inclusive Jackie, the cat!).

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Why choose us?

Get more from your luxury pet bed

We use fabrics from renowned brands using the finest materials from Italy and other EU countries.

We also design and craft every bed within just one to two weeks. That’s no time at all to receive a luxury cat bed to last a lifetime.

We spend time selecting and sourcing our materials because we believe that our pets deserve the very best, and that includes enjoying the same comfort we do.  

It’s all about you. And it’s about them

There are three big reasons to choose our luxury dog beds. Or cat beds. They can be used for any type of pet. And that’s reason number one.

You can make all the important decisions, with our help. From limited vintage fabrics to made-to-order sizes and designs, everything is selected and crafted by hand. So, your pet bed is truly, genuinely, unique.   

Luxury pet beds to fit your life

We say that our luxury cat and dog beds are made for life and made for living.

Freedom comes from being able to take the bed with you anywhere.

Last, but not least, they are also all made by hand, with love. We have a genuine passion for what we do, which is making bespoke furniture. But it’s also about so much more. We’re here to bring some joy and style into your home.

Our lifetime re-upholstery service

Whenever your pet’s bed needs a revamp, we can handle it for you. Our made-to-order system includes a unique reupholstery service. Simply get in touch, choose your new fabrics and finish, and we’ll take care of the rest.  

This creative control also means you can make changes to suit your home, whenever you want to. Whether that’s to create a bed that matches your own or to suit a redecorated room, our reupholstery service allows you to revamp the bed for the fraction of the cost of buying one new. Furthermore, we're helping the planet because you don't need to buy a 100% new item, you can reutilize it, and we will reuse and recycle the 'old' pieces for you!

Every piece we make is a labour of love, handled by everymember of the Aposentis family, including our cat, Jackie. And we’re proud of every creation we collaborate on with our clients.

Blissful beds for your pet
We know because we use them every day.

Our designs are made to be timeless, stylish and cosy. We have faith in every item we lovingly make. Why? Because we use them every day and we see how cats and dogs of all sizes adore them.