Bespoke Custom Solutions

We’re on a mission to create beautiful, luxury designer cat beds and dog beds that enhance your life, and theirs.

Our furniture is customisable. So, whatever your pet, whatever your home, we’ll work with you to make all your dreams come true.

Aposentis Luxury Pet Beds 

Fabrics & Finishes

For a true, personalised feel, select your fabric, finish and design features.

Fabrics & colors available*: browse our catalogue/shop to find the options

Legs: browse our catalogue/shop to find the options; Legs’ finishes: different colors, 24K gold or silver leaf.

Headboard support: different colors, 24K gold or silver leaf, personalization service.

Swarovski Crystals

Aposentis 24K Gold Leaf applied by hand.


Personalisation service - Add a small detailed customization

Available to customize by adding the name, initials or/and monogram details on the headboard support.


Special Measures & Matching Beds 

Our exclusive beds can be used for any type of pet. From limited vintage fabrics to made-to-order sizes and designs, everything is selected and crafted by hand.

We can make a matching headboard for your bed on request, so you can pair it with your pet’s.

Aposentis Sizes  


Whenever your pet’s bed needs a revamp, we can handle it for you. Our made-to-order system includes a unique reupholstery service. Simply get in touch, choose your new fabrics and finish, and we’ll take care of the rest.

This creative control also means you can make changes to suit your home, whenever you want to. Whether that’s to create a bed that matches your own or to suit a redecorated room, our reupholstery service allows you to revamp the bed for the fraction of the cost of buying one new.


Luxury pet beds that can travel with you

Bespoke, beautiful, and convenient.

Freedom comes from being able to take the bed with you anywhere.

We know how important it is for our pets to feel happy and comfortable. Whether you’re at home or travelling. That’s why we make our beds differently.

Our beds feature dismountable headboards and lightweight designs. So, you can easily dismantle the frame and slot it into luggage for each trip, wherever you go.  



To find out more about our service contact us now or browse our catalogue for inspiration.

Our team of Customer Support Representatives are glad to assist you with your quotation. All we need is your address, a list of the custom solutions you want, and its details.