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For Yourself. Bespoke Bed Headboards for your Bedroom, Ottomans & Footstools.

Handmade upon request. Delivered worldwide.




All we need to quote is: the size, design/format (bed headboard), fabric (browse our catalog here), and delivery address.

Our timeless pieces are always unique, limited and completely customisable. That includes our fabrics from renowned brands used by the most prestigious designers, and high-quality Italian fabrics. As well as, limited vintage fabrics, FCS certified wood, and made-to-order sizes and designs. 

We work out every detail to suit your luxurious and impressive bedroom and living room.

Handmade with love and attention to detail, meeting the international standards. Everything is selected and crafted by hand, in Portugal. 


We’ll work with you to make all your dreams come true.


Contact us now for a quote and to order. Our Customer Care team are here to help you, and would be delighted to answer any query you may have. 


Click here to browse our catalog for inspiration.


Fabrics & Finishes

For a true, personalised feel, select your fabric, finish and design features.

Fabrics & colors available*: browse our catalogue/shop to find the options.

Swarovski crystals.

Personalisation service - Add a small detailed customization

Available to customize by adding the name, initials or/and monogram details.

Matching Pet Bed

We can make a matching bed for your Pet, so he/she can pair it with yours. 


To find out more about our service contact us now or browse our catalogue for inspiration.


Our bed headboards are available in individual (123 x 140cm), queen, king, and custom sizes. Prices start at €500EUR + delivery (price starts at €190EUR). Instalation not included.

Our bed headboards are for wall mounting or free-standing.


Our ottomans are customizablePrices start at €200EUR + delivery (price starts at €50EUR). 


We ship worldwide using DHL or UPS Express.


Our team of Customer Support Representatives are glad to assist you with your quotation. All we need is your address, a list of the custom solutions you want, and its details.