About Us

Fall In Love With Fancy Pet Beds

Handmade dog beds and cat beds

We’re on a mission to create beautiful, luxury designer cat beds and dog beds that enhance your life, and theirs.

Our furniture is completely customizable. So, whatever your pet, whatever your home, we’ll work with you to make all your dreams come true.

Meet us:

We both learned as children that good luck comes your way when a cat first enters your home. 

Years later, we found our cat, Jackie, abandoned in the middle of the road. From that moment on, she changed us. And she changed our house.

We’ve always loved home décor. Beautiful fabrics and style have always been a big part of our home. Blending this creativity and sharing it with our beloved Jackie was a natural step for us. 

We realized that we enjoyed doing things that made Jackie happy. Our love of animals and our dream to protect and nurture them were fulfilled the moment she walked into our lives.

Since we met in school, we’ve worked together and been inseparable. Now Jackie is with us, she completes the picture. Our transportable cat beds mean she can always be part of our experiences, so we can live every moment of our lives together.

What we stand for

For us, caring for animals also means caring for the environment. Being in nature, growing plants and flowers, and planting trees is something that we’ve always done and treasured.

Protecting our environment and the animals we share the world with is an integral part of our lives and our business. We use solar panels and we’re transforming the land we live and work on to be as eco-friendly as possible.

We created Aposentis for two big reasons. Yes, we wanted to pour our love and dedication to our pets and contribute to a better, eco-friendly world. Our cat, Jackie, loves to try our new beds, and there’s nothing better than sharing them with her.

But we also wanted to share our vision with the world. Aposentis is 100% ours. That means we control the process from start to finish. From production to delivery. That helps us maintain the highest quality and realize our vision for sustainability. 

Ultimately, we love the thrill personalized items bring us. We know how special the experience is. And bringing this joy into other people’s lives is something that we prize above all else.

Made by pet people for pet people

When you order a luxury pet bed from us, you’ll always get the same personalized care.

We work out every detail to suit your design. That includes our high-quality fabrics, often imported from countries like Italy, and renowned brands used by prestigious designers. Because we, like you, feel our pets deserve the best.

Our bespoke dog beds and cat beds are always unique.

They are always limited and completely customizable.

We can make a matching headboard for your bed on request, so you can pair it with your pet’s.

We only make handmade beds. All with love and attention to detail.

And our luxury designer cat and dog beds feature timeless designs.  

To find out more about our service contact us now or browse our catalog for inspiration.